There is a wide assortment of ranches located throughout the State of Texas that cater to hunters who enjoy hunting Axis deer. The Axis deer is a trophy quality deer that is very dominating over any other breed of deer in the forest. Some hunters prefer to hunt Axis deer over any other because of the large horns of this animal. Of course, many hunters prefer to hunt to provide meat for their family table, and Axis deer meat is the best meat of all wild game deer in the forest.

The bodies of the Axis deer are considered by most hunters to be very beautiful. The spots on the body of the Axis deer help it to blend in with the natural surroundings of land that can be filled with scrub brush or areas where there are thickly layered forests. Hunting Axis deer can be a challenge, and that is what hunters love the most about pursuing the Axis deer at any time of the year.

The average length of the antlers on an Axis deer can range anywhere from two to two and a half feet in length. With this type of antler height, some hunters feel that getting one in their sites is a sure thing. The people that hunt Axis deer for trophy-sized antlers are pleasantly surprised when they find out that the Axis deer that are considered the trophy-sized variety will display antlers that have lengths of up to three feet on them.

Axis deer are natural fighters and have been known to take on Bengal tigers in their native lands of Sri Lanka. Hunters like this type of spirit in the animals they hunt regularly, and the Axis deer does not disappoint anybody when they are on a live hunting party. Hunters might find antlers along the trail to spur them on with their quest because Axis deer routinely shed their antlers at any time of the year.

There is no set schedule for hunters to follow to help determine when the Axis deer antlers will be renewed, so hunters have no concrete evidence to follow to better judge when the Axis deer passed through the trail they are following. Axis deer are predictable in other ways, though, because they have habits that hunters have learned that help them in hunting Axis deer throughout the year.

Some hunters might be intimidated a bit when they learn that Axis deer have a habit of staying in large herds and rarely roam about on their own. When a hunter is faced with a large herd they will have to rely on their skill and daring with a rifle to bring one down properly and in a humane method. The Axis deer is a very social animal that is very smart and has a built-in alarm system that allows them to bellow and bark to other Axis deer if they are alarmed in any way.

Hunters must work for the trophy they are pursuing because Axis deer are not the feeble-minded deer that some might be used to. Their sheer size gives Axis deer an advantage in the forests, and many hunters love the pulse-quickening action of bringing one of this mighty beasts that are just about as big as elk down with one shot.