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Army Night Vision

Posted on September 25th, 2009 by admin

Army Vision

Vision Goggles?

What army/regiment get to wear vision goggles when on patrol, or on a ‘mission’ I know it’s only a few people/teams/groups that wear them, I have seen it before on a documentary but I can’t remember

And of course at otherwise the goggles won’t work lool :P

if youre a deployable unit, youll have some sort of NVG available to you. if youre a combat unit, hopefully its the PVS-14 MNVD or better, if youre a REMF youll probably have the PVS-7B. 14 is a monocle, 7B is the big clunky thing that the kid has in AVP:R
some high-speed units have the PVS-21 (army units or aviation elements, the corps is slow to upgrade) which is a low-profile binocular NVG. some units will roll around with optics like the PVS-17C which is a weapon mounted vision device with a reticle/aiming dot. iceman in generation kill has an earlier variant of this-the PVS-17B. with the day cover on it you can get away with limited operation in daylight for inspection or zeroing.
for crew-served weapons like machineguns, we have thermal optics available, but theyre probably only fielded to combat units.

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