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Protection Shooting Range

Posted on October 18th, 2009 by admin

Protection Range

What is your opinion on having a gun in your house if you have small children?

My husband has wanted to buy a hand gun for a very long time and he is asking to get one as his Christmas gift. I know he wants it for protection and to go shoot for fun at the range. I also know that my husband is not the type who will lock it in a case or put it high in the closet,not that he would leave it out for the kids to get into but he would probably leave it like in between our mattress. So you just never know. I feel really uncomfortable getting one because I feel I put my 7,3 and 19 month old at risk. I have told him how I feel but he thinks I am being too dramatic and he says people keep in their houses all the time with children. I just feel bad because he lets me buy anything I want.I don’t know what to do. Am I being unreasonable here? What is your opinion on this?

If he wants a gun he needs to lock it up!!!

My sister and her husband have a hand gun for protection and they keep it high in their closet in their bedroom and keep it locked and their son has no idea where it is located.

My boyfriend and I are huge gun rights advocates and will take a kind of different approach. We already have 2 handguns and 3 or 4 rifles. Once our baby is born all of our will be locked up and the ammo will be stored separately. All save for my boyfriend’s pistol that he conceal carries daily(100% legal in our state with a License to Carry Firearms) His pistol will be on his hip during the day most likely, as always, and then locked up every night. Safety is key. Once our children are old enough we will teach them all about gun safety and how to use a firearm properly and safely and how to shoot. They will never be able to get to our without us being there with them. must be locked up. Also remember to never let anyone handle your gun or even just look at it while its loaded. Before you and your husband make any kind of purchase I highly recommend a gun safety course.

It is very possible to own a firearm and keep everyone perfectly safe. A gun is not going to randomly go off and kill someone. There is no such thing as accidentally someone. do not go off unless someone is using it improperly. Never point a gun at something you are not willing to destroy, even if its unloaded. Always keep them locked up. Never put your finger anywhere near the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. Those simple rules not being followed are why too many people get hurt and killed. Human error, no fault of the gun itself.

Sorry for rambling on about it. Just trying to help. Definitely don’t let your husband get a gun if he is not willing to be a responsible owner.

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