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Red Dot Scope

Posted on October 19th, 2009 by admin


Should i get a reflex sight or a red/green for my airsoft gun?

I am looking to buy a sight for my airsoft gun and can decide if i should get the nc star panorama electro red sight from airsoftgi or the utg swatforce 40mm red/green sight from shortyusa. If you could list the pros and cons of each sight that would be great. Also feal free to list another sight that might be better for about $50. Thanks in advance.

reflex sight are much better but if you are paying under $100 for it i cant say it will be good quality if you are tinking of one under $100 best try it out first or get the red green .
you should get the matrix red green from it is not matrix as in THE MATRIX evike’s in house brand is called matrix.

i have it and it is exactly the same as the swat force. they are even the same design just on the side instead of the leapers logo or whatever logo it is(sorry idk what logo it is) it has Matrix on it but i tested with 2 brand new batteries with my friend(he has swatforce i have matrix) and they are both the same except the green settings on the matrix are much brighter.i got the matrix over the swatforce because its a 30mm and have a p90 so it looks much better.i sugest a 30mm for m4s aks and mp5s. but u might want a 40mm with g36s ect.

PROS: better for quick aiming/replacing ironsights.
looks cool on P90s
CONS: can break glass easily
most under $75-100 arent centered like the red/green sight and the ones that are are bigger. if they are not centered you must look directly through and kinda eliminates purpose
hard to 0 in
it is not as good for long distance and it is not a real rifle that has blowback so the reflex sight is kinda just for show unless you have TERRRRRRRIBLE aim

PRoS: easy to 0 in (sometimes already perfect)
good for all distances up to 150 yards
red and green (nice reflex sight do aswell)
cooler lookin 4 aks and m4/m16s
better for long range rifles
hard t 0 in (sometimes)

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