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Pistol Rifle Red

Posted on September 14th, 2009 by admin

Pistol Red

What would you choose as a SHTF Gun?

In a wilderness/urban Survial situation ala ‘Red Dawn’ (hehe), What pistol, , shotgun etc would you choose?

Old Fuzzz makes a great point…ammunition sources must be considered.

If I were to stockpile for nuclear war or some SHTF scenario, I would stockpile the following (in order)

1. 22 rimfire survival …probably the Henry US Survival and stock as much ammo as I can get my hands on. This would be my primary hunt weapon for anything I could take down with it. If there is enemy about, the 22 rimfire doesn’t make a ton of noise, making it hard to pinpoint you. It would be a great weapon to take small animals without losing meat. Ammo is cheap…I would try to get about 10K rounds.

2. A 30-06 bolt action…with some patience, enough for anything in North America. Ammo is abundant worldwide. As the 30-06 is kind of the standard in rounds, I would think that the ammo for it might still be found when it might be tough to find ammo for anything else.

3. A shotgun…I would probably opt for a smaller gauge (20 or 28 ga. maybe) for the potential of bird hunting and close quarters self-defense. The round would be a tough choice. The smaller gauges would probably ruin less meat on smaller birds…a 12 ga. would probably result in fewer wounded birds but potentially it could blow a small bird or squirrel to bits .

4. A miltiary …I would probably opt for whatever I could take from the enemy…mainly for ammo purposes. Another plus is it would be harder for the enemy to distinguish me and find me by the sound of the report if I am using the same the same weapon as everyone else

5. A handgun…probably a 9mm (again for ammo purposes). This is simply a self-defense weapon of last resort.

Obviously, I wouldn’t want to carry 5 weapons around at all times. I would like to have one of each available in a perfect world. In reality, I would have to pick and choose based on the circumstances. A 22 rimfire might be useful in a post-nuclear war era where people you see are probably not trying to kill you. However, its usefulness might be limited if enemy soldiers are sneaking around.

Hope it never comes to this though.

Here are some current auctions on Ebay now for Pistol Red:

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