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Laser Light Unit

Posted on September 27th, 2009 by admin

Light Unit

rate my cyber dragon deck?

ok i just traded for a bunch of cyber dragon cards online and i made a deck please rate it?(and i no cyber dragon is limited but i still have 3)

proto cyber dragon X3
cyber barrier dragon
cyber dragon
cyber phoenix X2
cyber kirin X2
cyber vally X2
armoured cyborn
cyber ouroborus
blowback dragon
fusiler dragon the duel mode beast
deikochi the battlechanged locomotive X2

power bond X2
overload fusion
future fusion
nobleman of crossout
shield crush
cybernetic zone
swords of revealing light
photon generator unit
monster reborn

cybernetic hidden technology
attack reflector unit
magic cylinder
mirror force
cyber summon blaster
cyber shadow guardna
damage polarizer
fusion guard

rate outta 10 please, i am still looking for cyberdark dragon and another cyber vally and i do not follow the 1 cyber dragon advanced format rule!

not bad

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