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Reel Fly Line

Posted on May 28th, 2009 by admin

Reel Line

What’s the wosrt gear you’ve ever used?

This should be fun…..I’m going to let the community pick the best answer

1. Spinning Rod – Ugly Stik
2. Spinning Reel – Anything Penn
3. Rod – Temple Forks + Ugly Stik (they actually made this dog into a rod – go figure)
4. Reel – Loomis Venture (over-rated)
5. Line – Airflo ridged
6. Mono – Trilene

All you baitcasting and surf guys and gals can add your
picks to the list.

I had an old penn surfmaster that always got birdnests. I never had this trouble with my other setups, so I know it wasn’t me.
I took it on a trip to Mexico thinking I would do a little there. We had an accident, the driver (a friend) rolled the car. The cops down there wanted money to let us go home. (The car was a rental, so we didn’t care about it) I told the head cop thet were broke and were headed home when we rolled the car(a lie, we were going the other way) and all I had to offer was this “top of the line” best ever pole.You should have seen his eyes lite up with greed.
I got rid of two problems at once that day!

Here are some current auctions on Ebay now for Reel Line:

[phpbay]Reel Line, 45, “”, “”[/phpbay]

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