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Freshwater Flies Fly

Posted on May 20th, 2009 by admin

Freshwater Flies

is there a natural way to treat fungus?

i have a sick tank due to an outbreak of round worms. i’m FINALLY getting some levamisole HCL at the end of this week. Sadly… while waiting to treat my fish, some of them have developed secondary infections of what looks like white fluff on their fins. (not ich) I’m assuming it’s fungal and would like to treat it too, but since i’ll be battling worms at the end of the week i don’t really want to deal with any heavy meds that might weaken the worm meds. So…. any suggestions? (and yes…all water parameters are where they should be! and a water change will be completed tonight)

130 g freshwater tank
rummy nosed tetras
zebra long finned danios
clown loaches ****** if you suggest a med.. keep these guys in mind as they are a scaleless fish!*****
siamese flying foxes
keyhole cichlids
male dwarf gouramis

A natural way to cure fungus on fish?

Fungal attacks always follow some other health problem like parasitic attack, injury, or bacterial infection. The symptoms are a gray or whitish growth in and on the skin and/or fins of the fish. Eventually, if left untreated, these growths will become cottony looking. The fungus, if left untreated, will eventually eat away on the fish until it finally dies.
After ascertaining the initial cause of the fungus and remedying that, use a solution of phenoxethol at 1% in distilled water. Add 10 ml of this solution per liter of aquarium water. Repeat after a few days if needed, but only once more as three treatments could be dangerous to aquarium inhabitants. If the symptoms are severe the fish can be removed from the aquarium and swabbed with a cloth that has been treated with small amounts of povidone iodine or mercurochrome.

For attacks on fish eggs, most breeders will use a solution of methylene blue adding 3 to 5 mg/l as a preventative measure after the eggs are laid

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