Berkley Scented

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Berkley Scented
Do lures retain their scent under water?Or does it just come off?

Anyone have any luck with them? I just picked up some

Other than Exude Products, ( ), Chompers products ( ), and some company’s that make Walleye curly-tailed grubs (made with “fish food”/ can’t think of their Brand names), BERKLEY is the only soft plastic that has a TRUE baked-in “scent”.

Powerbait has the attractant interspersed through-out the worm. When Powerbait first hit the shelves 15-20 years ago, Berkley marketed a small wire brush to “poke” their soft plastic’s. The brush put tiny holes in the worms/plastic that help distribute the scent. It was quite popular until everyone realized they could get the same effect with a small steel brush from a hardware store…..(lol).

Gulp is basically “fish food” & is bio-degradable. Although it’s attractant does wear off eventually, it’s SO MUCH stronger than anything on the market, a “used” Gulp still has more “juice” than any typical soft plastic.

Both Berkley products are great lures.

However, there is a difference between the two.

1. Gulp tends to rip easier than Powerbait.

2. Because Gulp is a bio-degradable product it will “Dry-up” and turn rock hard on your Jig/Hook if left out of the water more than 15-20 minutes.

Although Gulp has a MUCH better “attractant” I tend to use Powerbait most of the time because it holds up longer than Gulp 3 to one.

Hope this extra info helps ya? Thumbs up to Nate.

The Berkley Gulp Alive Experiment

Checking Ebay for products…
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