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Ice Fishing

Posted on November 4th, 2009 by admin


Ice Fishing
Can someone replace a zipper on an ice shanty for me 7ft long and I will pay a fair price.?

I am looking to get a new zipper put on to an ice shanty. The problem is I can not find anyone to do the work. It is approx 7 ft long and is sewn onto canvas. The canvas is attached to a sled, and not removable. I am assuming that you would need a hand held sewing machine or it would have to be done by hand. Can anyone help?

Yeah, I’m with Ronb…Try a shoe repair shop (I was gonna say that before I saw his post, really!). Cobblers do a lot of work with stuff that’s hard to reach, as well as lots of tricky materials.

I must say, however, that the whole concept of ice is lost on me…I suppose that’s why there are other hobbies available! Good luck!

pike ice trip in Michigan underwater camera action

Checking Ebay for Ice products…
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