Extreme Hiking Trails Around the World

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Extreme Hiking Trails Around the World

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure, you may want to search for the . It does not matter whether you have been hiking all your life or fairly new at this, as long as you can walk and supported with the right gear and you really want to give it a go, then it might just be for you.

There are hikers around the world who have organized and listed some of the and they are sharing it. What they propose is a day hike that start early in the morning so hikers can cover up to 25 kilometers of trail before going back just in time for supper. A day hike is highly recommended so hikers can enjoy the breathtaking views. In addition, it does not cost much and the only skill required is walking. Plus, anyone can join even those without any experience in hiking.

extreme-hikingThe following are the that have been listed so far.

  1. California. Locations such as Mount Whitney, Yosemite half dome, Palm Springs.
  2. Colorado. Aspen the Maroon Bells, Rocky Mountain National Park the Longs peak.
  3. Arizona. The Grand Canyon, the Bright Angel Trail and Rim to rim.
  4. Na Pali Coast in Hawaii.
  5. New Hampshire. The Presidential Traverse in Mount Washington.
  6. Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains.
  7. Utah. The Zion-Angels Landing and Observation Point.
  8. Washing ton DC to Harpes Ferry
  9. Wyoming. Grand Tetons the Cascade or Paintbrush Loop.
  10. Canada. There are several in Canada but here’s to name a few, Alberta trail, Algonquin Highlands, Bruce Grey, Cambridge, Canol Heritage, Cowichan river, New Brunswick, Juan de Fuca and many others.

There are corresponding associations that handle and organize the hike in these locations and they are available online. So if you are interested keep clicking.


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